Getting started – SIGN IN

The first step with Property Compass® is signing in through the Administration Login provided. The ‘Sign In’ link is located at the top right of the screen. Enter the username and password provided to you.

You may also ‘Sign In’ using your account with another provider, such as Google or Linked In. This initial  ‘Sign In’ does not provide access to Sales Administration.

For access to the more advanced features of Property Compass®, use the Sales or Business Administration logins.

Sales Administration

The Sales Administration login enables users to submit or receive referrals, submit sales advices and monitor and contribute to service delivery. You will receive email notifications regarding any new comments posted and any status changes.

There are four main tabs to help you manage your business:

Client Management

  • Customise Calculator Assumptions: each user can customise these assumption to best suit their business offering / model
  • Manage Referrals: get a list of leads, submit new referrals and monitor and contribute to the service delivery
  • Advisor Reports: create generic investment reports to familiarise / introduce your client to investment properties

Property Search

Links to the property display, search and report features.

Deal Management

  • List Deals: get a list or copies of any submitted sales advices
  • Manage Deals: monitor and contribute to the progress of a sale, from start to settlement

Training & Support

20 training videos to familiarise yourself with the platform.

  • Referral Process: 5 videos on how to build rapport, refer your clients and monitor service delivery
  • Property Sales: 15 videos on how to use the system to best match properties to your clients and submit and monitor sales

Business Administration

Use the Business Administration login provided to upload properties, process referrals and sales, add member’s logins and customise how properties are displayed. There are 24 training videos to help you manage your business and your affiliates.

Familiarise Yourself

The best way you will learn how to use the system, is to try the platform and watch the training videos. Submit a ‘test’ lead / sales advice to familiarise yourself with the functionality and processes.

Try all the tabs, alter your requirements then view the results, add properties to the shortlist, create your ideal scenarios and then print a report. Practice is the key to learning and soon you will be an expert at using the system.

Training Videos

There 44 training videos designed to help you get the most out of your user login.

If you need further assistance, call or email us.