Customising + Corporate Solutions

Property Compass® is THE flexible, convenient solution for all property industry professionals wanting to serve investors. It can be used as a standalone web platform OR linked from your existing website. A wide range of services is also available to assist with all aspects of its use, helping you to take full advantage of its many benefits.

Add an ‘INVEST’ tab to your own website to enable instant access to the tools and know-how you need to better serve property investors.

Please note:  There could be time/cost involved in setting-up your website link to Property Compass®. This service is not provided by Property Compass® so check with your website service provider.

Website Customisation

Property Compass® can assist with customising your Property Compass® platform to match your existing website.

Support Agreement

Our Support Agreement offers an additional hour of support time, per month, designed to help provide you with any extra tips or to answer any questions you might have. This is available as an extra to your subscription service.

Business Consultancy

An effective training strategy is imperative to the successful implementation and usability of the investment platform.

Our Business Consultancy service will help to identify any problems you might be having and find solutions so you can increase revenue and cut costs.

For further information, call or email today.

Corporate Solutions

Property Compass® team can assist with web development, business systems and the online strategy of your Property Compass® platform.

We offer a range of solutions, such as data integration and float boxes, for:

  • Real Estate Advertising Sites
  • Banks / Mortgage Aggregators
  • Financial Planners Dealers / Planners
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • International Operators

To service your requirements in the most effective and efficient way, we can recommend a customised solution to match your website and integrate into your system.