How it works

As a property is listed or updated into the platform, the technology;

Auto-populates historical property and population data against listed properties
Auto-generates depreciations against listed properties
Auto-generates investment calculations on every property

Once a property search is launched or refined, an investment risk scenario is added, enabling the platform to auto-calculate the risks and benefits of every property listed and make relevant matches to the investor’s profile. Through Property Compass®, thousands of calculations occur instantly to provide all the necessary investment information on each of these matched properties simultaneously.

Calculations produce relevant investment performance, risk scenarios and ownership options; displaying the following:

  • Rental gross and net yield
  • SMSF, company, single and joint ownership
  • NRAS incentives including audit managers fees
  • Taxable deductions
  • Australian and non Australian residents
  • Loan type, amount and interest calculations
  • Property levies and expenses
  • Stamp duty and depreciations
  • Acquisitions cost
  • Capital growth and equity
  • Net holding cost, annual and weekly cash flow

Property Compass® combines properties with research, an Australian-first investment property calculator and customised reports, creating ONE unique web-based solution that matches investors with property in minutes.

This methodology provides industry professionals who have little to no investment property knowledge with the know-how and tools to best serve investors.