Who Can Benefit

Property Compass® offers benefits for a wide range of property industry professionals, including banks, financial planners, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, international agents and developers.

Based on the investor’s profile, it allows all property types from all locations to be evaluated through one search, displaying suitable properties in an investment relevant format.

Key benefits

    • Access to a network of business professionals looking for access to property
    • Access to a wide range of properties from various sources and locations
    • Properties presented professionally and comprehensively
    • Serving investors more effectively; ability to make investment property sales
  • Maintaining and improving client loyalty
  • Staying in control of the selling process though system management tools
  • Reduced legal support and cost
  • Reduced marketing costs

By providing a holistic approach that includes direct investment properties for client portfolios and matching high quality investment properties with investors, Property Compass® provides all the tools and relevant information industry professionals require to assist property investors in making an informed decision.

International Operators

The Property Compass® platform can provide the online evaluation tools and management system to assist your business with international property investors and expats, and to enable your team members to be able to transact a wide range of Australian properties easily and efficiently.

Major and National Operators

To service your requirements in the most effective and efficient way, we can recommend a customised solution to match your website and integrate into your system.

There is no other system like Property Compass® in the market. It is fast becoming the standard way to find, evaluate, compare and secure investment property throughout Australia.