Looking to easily manage and upload real estate listings to advertising sites?

Listing Manager is the FREE tool to manage property listings

Listing Manager

Maintaining your property listings can be a costly time consuming process. Listing Manager is a powerful tool for loading and managing property listings. Best of all, it's free to use!


Loading information shouldn't be painful!

We've spent considerable time desinging our data loading screens to be easy and intuitive to use. It's the simple things like being able to drag and drop files to upload and single page loading screens which we think you'll really appreciate.

Powerfully Simple

We understand the importance of having your property listings reflect key details to customers as quickly as possible.

We've made a simple work flow to control the status of your listing in just a few button presses.

  • Available
  • Off the Market
  • Under Offer
  • Sold

Updates are then published to the advertising sites within the hour instead of the next business day!


Control where you want to publish your listing to

Each listing can configured to publish to the main real estate avertising sites including :

  • realestate.com.au - licensed agents only with active subscriptions
  • realestateview.com.au - licensed agents only with active subscriptions
  • domain.com.au - active subscribers only
  • centralpropertyexchange.com.au - open

Yes, we can support additional advertising sites on request.

Support for projects and developments

In the past the popular web sites have not supported new developments and projects properly.

Listing Manager has core support for grouping listings into manageable projects.

Import Listings

Listing Manager supports importing listings from file reducing the migration costs when changing listing software.

We've developed a complete migration process for existing 'For-Sale' listings loaded on to realestate.com.au

Ideal For

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Franchise Groups
  • Property Owners
  • Property Developers / Builders

How to Switch to Listing Manager

If you are an existing realestate.com.au customer then we have a simple process to switch to Listing Manager that is started through the realestate.com.au agent admin.

Alternatively, just contact us to discuss a range of migration options