About Property Compass®

Matching investors with property in minute

Property Compass® is a web-based investment property technology serving the property investor industry.

Compared to traditional property listing websites, using Property Compass® is a very different experience for listing and searching for investment properties.

The Property Compass® philosophy is based on providing effective evaluation tools; offering industry professionals without high levels of investment property knowledge easy access to comprehensive property information, and empowering them to serve this lucrative market.

Providing all the information investors need to make a decision in one place removes significant frustration for both buyers and sellers, and enables investment buyers to make an informed choice.

The results are impressive:

The seller receives qualified enquiries, instead of experiencing the traditional hit-and-miss approach associated with property listing websites and wasting advertising as a result.

The buyer matches the best-performing properties to their profile, and instead of wasting weeks, or even months, searching for the right property, these matches are revealed within minutes.

YOU make more sales.


The ‘Old’ Thinking

The evolution of the online property database has so far failed to accommodate the current and conflicting needs of both the seller and buyer.

Real estate websites are generally ‘electronic newspapers’ and have been designed with one specific goal in mind – to generate enquiries.

Based on our estimates, a real estate agent can receive up to 70 enquiries for each property, with the majority of these failing to secure a deal. This wastes a substantial amount of valuable time for all parties.

The volume of activity and enquiries that real estate websites drive is certainly a positive for industry professionals. However, missing information on listed properties can frustrate the buying process and attempting to drive sales without sufficient supporting information wastes time and effort for both buyers and sellers.

This ‘old’ way of thinking generally leaves buyers with a less than positive experience, and reduces their confidence in the real estate industry. As such, the need for a fresh approach is vital.

A Fresh Approach – the Property Compass®

It is important to have the right information at hand about all properties being considered for investment. This reduces time-consuming telephones calls and emails, as well as the legal and research costs associated with gathering information that has not already been supplied.

Property Compass® combines investment properties, research, an Australian-First investment calculator and customised reports into one web-based solution for matching investors with property.

It gives investors and their advisors access to a national database of investment properties where ALL property types can be assessed from ONE search.

Using the Property Compass® platform, buyers and sellers can have separate representation, allowing investors to evaluate properties without bias or influence from the listing agent/developer.

With comprehensive disclosure and effective evaluation tools, matching investors to the best-performing properties is achieved in minimum time.

Put simply, Property Compass® is the best solution for both investors and sellers.