PropertyCompass® | Release v0.13 – Property Grading

Want to improve your opportunities to increase property sales? PropertyCompass® offers two significant industry-first solutions to help you do just that!

In this release:

  1. Property Compass® expands on the Networking and sale generation capabilities of the platform by introducing the concept of ‘Graded Properties’. Request an independent grade and report (IPR) on any listed property.
  2. Upload property lists to registered external sites


1. Grading a property | industry-first solution

Graded is a smart, new concept in the world of real estate.

An Independent Property Review (IPR) is the ideal report for astute buyers and proactive sellers.

Compiled independently by leading property experts at Propell National Valuers Pty Ltd, an Independent Property Review (IPR) includes expert commentary on a property and provides a score and grade for quick and easy property comparisons and accurate due diligence.


The grade works like a hotel star rating. It provides the disclosure buyers/ advisers need to find the right property.


Acting as an independent property rating system, the property grade allows you to evaluate individual properties based on historical growth rate, price risk, demographics, internal floor plan flow, street scape/traffic flow, parking and outdoor space; so you can evaluate and compare properties most suited to you quickly and easily.


How it works

  • Members of a Property List can request a property be graded
  • The Lister is notified of the request and can view all requests when managing the listing
  • The Lister may Order at any time an Independent Property Review (IPR) and choose to publish the results
  • The Grade and Score are extracted from the IPR results are made visible in the Property List
  • Members that have requested a property be graded will automatically be notified when the results are published
  • Members of a Property List can now view and search for Graded Properties

For more information view the IPR product page/ website


2. Upload property lists to registered external sites industry-first solution

Property Compass® becomes even more useful when you can integrate external websites and platforms with your data and activity. Property Compass® can be set up to automatically upload data to external servers. This is useful if you want to use your Property Compass data:

  • On your own website/ app or
  • Your business partner website/ app

This  industry-first solution make it effortless to integrate your listed and aggregated properties onto several portals / apps; with live property status updates. Additional flexibility allows a listing to be placed in multiple lists; thus publishing your selected lists to several sites anywhere in the world.


Thank you
Anthony Aoun